BARREL Finished. Barrel Proof. Limited Release.



Four Gate Whiskey Company blends the highest quality whiskey available and collaborates on each batch with the barrel experts at Kelvin Cooperage to barrel finish the whiskey in new and innovative ways.

Batches are in stores now across Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia, and Indiana with bottles also available through and

For more information on these batches and all our other releases, check out Our Whiskey.

Four Gate Whiskey Company produces new, unique, and exciting batches of barrel-finished craft American Whiskey for bourbon and whiskey connoisseurs. Every batch is unique.

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"Coming out of the gate with a 123.4° proof Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey takes guts. But when a new whiskey company wants to make a splash that’s one way to do it and that’s exactly what Four Gate Whiskey has done."
-Dan Scofield,, Batch 1
“Wow, what kind of sourcing and cask wizardry does Four Gate have going on right now? This is just absurdly delicious.”
-Josh Peters,, Batch 6
"This 123.4° bourbon is a smell monster. The taste is subtly influenced by characteristics of its previous barrels so you get a full body of bourbon notes."
-Bourbon Pursuit (via Instagram), Batch 1
"This is an amazing whiskey!"
-Brian Haara, aka "Sipp'nCorn", Author (Via Twitter), Batch 1
"Delicious. They did not miss here. It's just a unique, bold experiment."
Bart, Scotch Test Dummies, Batch 2







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